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Getting the most out of retirement online training course will help you to optimise your retirement. From simple existence to flourishing in retirement.

The ‘new retirement’ is not an ending, it’s a new beginning, the start of a new life journey of vastly expanded proportion.’ Retirement Planning will make the transition from work to the next phase of your life more purposeful and satisfying. Dr. Richard Johnson

One way for you to live is from meal to meal with sleep in the middle.  When asked, ‘how was your day, the response may be ‘I made a salad’, or ‘I paid a bill.’  Although you may be happy, you are left to wonder if there is more to life? The other way you could live in retirement is to see your retirement as an opportunity. You could spend your time doing voluntary work, enjoy sports, travelling regularly, going out, or looking after your grandchildren. This approach will enable you to flourish in retirement.

The sooner you start building a retirement plan, the better off you will be when that phase of your life comes—but you don’t have to compromise on your current standard while doing so.


Without a question, retirement is a daunting phase of anyone’s life. The paychecks won’t come as often as they used to. Family priorities shift. You need to focus more on your health and mental wellbeing. And above all, you might have a bucket list of things you need to do for personal happiness and contentment.

Retirement is the biggest life change you will ever go through.


Being prepared for retirement is crucial for anyone to have peace of mind.

However, retirement preparation goes beyond savings.

There are a lot of variables to consider while planning retirement—having a recurring source of income, security. insurances, health planning, asset planning, time-management, and mental wellbeing happen to be aspects most people overlook while making a retirement plan.


To find some order between the chaos of jotting down a plan and staying consistent, you can get expert assistance on how to be strategic about the process.

As we said earlier, you don’t have to compromise on your current standard of living to make a great retirement plan—but you do need to set some priorities and follow through to make sure you achieve your goals in time.

Our personalised sessions will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, have contingency plans, set something up for everything from a side business to leisure, and have complete peace of mind on things.

Let us help you de-stress and find a new purpose as you transition to a whole new phase of your life. Get in touch today for a blueprint for future happiness.

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What do you mean by flourishing in retirement?

Retirement is a time when you can finally live the life you were destined to live. You can design your ideal life and then put it into practice… You may underestimate the magnitude of that change….It’s up to you to make the retirement years the best years ever.  Dr Richard Johnson

Questions for your retirement: How coaching can help you discover answers

Are you retiring or downshifting your career?  What type of work commitment suits you, your family and meets your physical health?  Is a career shift an option?


As you contribute to your local community, you are building a new identity and increasing your self-esteem in retirement.

You can explore your interests and renew old passions that were underused, as you worked and built your careers.

As a teenager or young adult, music may have been your passion, but with the responsibility of raising a family, you may have pushed it aside.   Your new retirement would rekindle your enjoyment that music brought.

Involvement in activities at work, leisure and hobbies means that you

  • manage your time
  • and socialise with others

To plan a meaningful retirement takes time and honesty.  But there is also fear attached

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How to create a meaningful retirement of lifestyle and financial freedom

You have been a valued team member all of your life, but now your retiring.  This often affects a person’s self-worth.

To be able to say that you are flourishing in retirement you need more than just financial security.  While many people prepare themselves financially, few people will think about, let alone prepare for the non-financial changes that retirement will bring.

My interest in Retirement Coaching is because I love life and enjoy the challenge of working with clients in the transition space that retirement brings.  I also have firsthand experience of family members who have managed their retirement in 2 distinct ways.

One way is to live from meal to meal with sleep in the middle.  When we ask: ‘how was your day, the response is ‘I made a salad’, or ‘I paid a bill.’  Although he is happy, we are left to wonder if there is more to life.

The other way is seeing the opportunity that retirement has brought the family to undertake voluntary work, enjoy sports, travel regularly, go out, and look after grandchildren.

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Retirement, work and lifestyle

As the average life expectancy for men and women is now above 80 years of age, retirement may stretch 20, 25 or 30 years – longer than you may have first thought.  It means as a retiree you are potentially facing as many years being “retired” as you may have been in the workforce. However, you won’t have the responsibilities you faced in younger years like building your career, raising children and paying off your mortgage.

When you consider your retirement, several factors come into place.  The external reality of events which may be through illness such as yours or a family member. If you have been retrenched in your late 50s retirement or semi-retirement may be an option.

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Plan to have an outstanding retirement

At specific times in your life, something sparks your hopes and dreams. As you consider your next phase of life – retirement, you consider the direction of your life and what you would like to achieve for a meaningful time.   Goal planning means taking the initiative and recognising the responsibility you have to make things happen and achieve what you want out of life.

The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in a number of areas in your life. It includes your new work direction, education or learning, your family, physical or spiritual needs. Perhaps you have a study goal, to complete a course to undertake in your retirement within a year.

By knowing what you want, it helps you to concentrate your efforts, and create action plans to stop the distractions that stand in your way.

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How to plan your retirement

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  • Plan your retirement ahead with knowledge and ease the transition to retirement
  • Consider many options and opportunities that you may not have thought of
  • Be prepared for changes that are to come in the future that could affect your retirement
  • Design a retirement plan that meets your personal lifestyle requirements
  • Enjoy a meaningful retirement that is a positive experience