We provide online personal development training courses, career coaching and retirement coaching services for individuals who are looking for a career and life change, by creating a personalised, step-by-step action plan to maximise their opportunities, exceed their goals and improve the quality of their life.

Success has a definition that describes the methodology to achieve it. Discover what’s hidden in plain sight in your life and learn how to strategically get what you want in life.

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Ongoing Professional Development

Career Coaching

Career coaching is about helping you to achieve your career goals and finding the barriers that are stopping you from being successful.  You may be considering transitioning to a new career and want to ensure you are ready and capable of achieving in the new career.  Maybe you are struggling to determine what your career path should be?  You need to talk to a career coach today at Career Coaching and Training.

Retirement Coaching

Transitioning to Retirement can be stressful unless you have a clear picture of what you want your retirement to look like.  If you want to flourish in retirement call today and book a retirement coaching session. 

Online Career Training for Success

How to find the perfect job

Possessing effective job seeking skills will help you win the job!  In today’s competitive job market, think of yourself as a brand with unique selling features.  Your job application is marketed with a winning edge and will make a positive impression on prospective employers.

Learn how to focus and manage your mind

Practising mindfulness can bring positive changes to our health and attitude.  This will give you a positive mind-body balance for your overall well-being and happiness.

Learn the art of negotiating and winning

Your ability to negotiate effectively and achieve your goals is key to personal and business success.

Grow your interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills for life and work training course aim is to develop your people skills and ability to interact and connect with others.  Your ability to interact and connect with others that leaves a positive impression will gain you long term respect.  

Dealing with Workplace Challenges

During your work, there will be problems and workplace challenges for you to address and overcome.  Overcoming these challenges is what separates those that can handle these successfully and are able to learn and grow, from those who are unable to manage or overcome these situations

<strong>FREE DOWNLOAD</strong> In Pursuit Of A Successful Career by Leah Shmerling CMF
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FREE DOWNLOAD In Pursuit Of A Successful Career by Leah Shmerling CMF

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Many people find themselves with a career that they did not really choose.  

  • Are you stuck in a rut?
  • Bored with your current job?
  • Started down a career path that you did not really want
  • Are you uncertain about what you really want to do?
  • Do you have issues and barriers in your employment and career?
  • Unsure about your work skills and attributes and what would be a marketing skill?

Working in partnership with your career mentor, we will be your sounding board to confide in to maximise your opportunities or give you honest feedback to enable you to reach your career goal.

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