Small Business Victoria Training Facilitator

On-site and Zoom Group Business Training

Boost your business productivity, improve your business skills and increase growth are just some of the things you get when attending the workshops. Also note that a wide variety of grants, vouchers and assistance programs is available to help individuals and businesses through Small Business Australia.

The workshops that Leah Shmerling facilitates are:

  • Business planning essentials:  How to build a road map to success
  • Marketing your business: How to get it right the first time
  • Effective business networking: Tips to connect with ease
  • Effective time management: How to get more done

Career Coaching and Training Workshops

Does your business require some tailored hands-on training for your staff?  All of our online courses can be taught either in person or via a group zoom training session.  Minimum numbers for these sessions are 10 people.

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The best networking comes from building genuine relationships where you treat each other respectfully and where you don’t ask for anything. It is a time to give, to put others first and ‘add value’. Read more for the tips…

Business Networking Hot Tips

Specialist Training Hub - The Answer is Yes

The Answer is Yes

Leah is also part of a specialist training hub. Therefore through working with Leah, you will gain access to other online courses and consultants in the areas of:

  • Work Health & Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Business Systems
  • Personal Development
  • A wide range of business development subjects

No matter what you or your business needs in regards to training, The Answer is Yes.  In addition, if we don’t have it today, we will tomorrow!

NOTE: These courses are not part of the Membership Subscription Program