Why spend years working in a career that you don’t love?

We recognise that your journey is personal to you with challenges along the way.  At Career Coaching and Training we apply a solution-focused approach that will open doors to career opportunities for you.  The support you receive will help you to overcome barriers that will help you to progress your career journey.  

Founder and Principal Consultant of Career Coaching and Training, Leah Shmerling, is passionate about helping you to unlock your potential. To continuously grow, both as a person and as an employee.  Your journey is respected and we know you have barriers and issues that prevent you from developing your career and achieving your goals. However, we can help!

This motto has shaped Leah’s career and her life. She received very little career and professional support throughout her school and tertiary studies.  This led to some career choices that were questionable but ultimately became a learning experience.  Leah now lives her life purpose and that is to support you to navigate challenges and overcome issues to reach your career goals.  To ultimately find fulfilment and joy in your life and future.  She helps you to achieve this with insight, professionalism, empathy and a positive approach to life, work and people.

Leah offers over thirty years’ experience, and numerous higher level and vocational qualifications in career development, education and training. Leah is the author of several books published by Macmillan Education.  She is also a former journalist for The Age and the Herald Sun.  Leah is constantly sought as a mentor and career coaching specialist for corporate groups, educational institutions, job seekers and retirees who are looking for tuition and guidance.

Being in high demand has meant that Leah now needs to change her business model to online training and coaching.  This makes Leah more readily available to a wider audience.

Leah is also a Workshop Leader for Small Business Victoria, and has facilitated a range of training programs for the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI), CPA Australia, the Australian Retailers Association of Victoria, and the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), now rebranded to the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML).

‘Through our successful online education and training programs, and mentoring partnerships, we will work with you to set new goals, access better career options, renew your enthusiasm, and nurture untapped skills to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.’                                                                       

Leah Shmerling, (2019)

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