Founder and Principal Consultant, Leah Shmerling, has over thirty years’ experience in career development, education and training, and her professional expertise has been expanded with the authorship of several books.  She is in-demand as a Melbourne Career Coaching Specialist for corporate groups, educational institutions, job seekers and retirees who are looking for tuition and guidance. 

Leah has expanded her sphere of influences and has created online training courses and does zoom coaching sessions with people around Australia.

Leah is also a Workshop Leader for Small Business Victoria and has facilitated career counselling for the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI), CPA, the Australian Retailers Association of Victoria, and the Australian Institute of Management (AIM).

“Helping people to unlock their potential to achieve a higher level of performance and a deeper understanding of the learning and skills required to continuously grow, both as an individual, and as an employee, is the core of Career Coaching and Training.  We are here to help you set new goals, renew your enthusiasm, and find new meaning and enjoyment in your life and future.  With Career Coaching and Training, no matter what your needs, or learning style, we will tailor our approach so that you achieve the ultimate benefit of structured life lessons, retirement planning and career counselling that will give you the opportunity to access better career options, help you lift your game, and nurture untapped skills to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.” 
Leah Shmerling (2019)