Professional Development Modules for Maximum Impact

  • We offer personal development training for managing life changes, improve on your strengths, eliminate your bad habits, gain more confidence, and cultivate positivity.
  • We give career coaching for getting logical about career changes, strategically going after your career goal, making the most of your opportunities, and improve work-life balance.
  • We facilitate retirement coaching for effective money management systems, eliminating stress, and improving the overall quality of life post-retirement.

It is all about perspective

Did you know that success has a definition that describes the methodology to achieve it?

Discover what’s hidden in plain sight in your life and learn how to strategically get after your goals, destroying every obstacle you come along your way.

Founders Special Offer

Ongoing Professional Development

First 50 Members at Founders Special Price, then price reverts to normal which is $40+GST per month.

More Information on Subscription Membership

Why a Subscription Model?

  • A subscription model demonstrates that Career Coaching and Training is a committed partner for your continuing professional development to broaden your horizons, strengthen your skills and open new professional opportunities. Career Coaching and Training supports you at every step of your career and professional development journey.
  • A subscription model is your commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Enables you to ‘grow’ and develop with us for the long-term rather than view the courses as one-off purchases.
  • It encourages you to become ‘members’ of a community and achieve a range of benefits.
  • We are competing on services not price, encouraging us to offer ‘value-add’ services for the life of your course access period
  • We have established our own benchmark in the industry.
  • There is no requirement to ‘buy’ more courses as your subscription includes all existing and future courses

Career Coaching

Career coaching is about helping you to achieve your career goals and finding the barriers that are stopping you from being successful.  You may be considering transitioning to a new career and want to ensure you are ready and capable of achieving in the new career.  Maybe you are struggling to determine what your career path should be?  You need to talk to a career coach today at Career Coaching and Training.

Retirement Coaching

Transitioning to Retirement can be stressful unless you have a clear picture of what you want your retirement to look like.  If you want to flourish in retirement call today and book a retirement coaching session.

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FREE DOWNLOAD Ebook 2 – "Managing Career Changes"