In our busy world where we juggle responsibilities and tasks, and with the social and emotional demands placed on us, we feel stressed and at times unable to cope. We lose touch with our inner self and the connection with the present moment. Mindfulness helps us to come back to the here and now with kindness and care to reduce stress.

Learn the practical applications of mindfulness for everyday life and happiness.

We offer a range of free mindfulness programs to help get you started on managing stress, improving your academic performance, strengthening your relationship with others, and boosting self-esteem.


Apply mindfulness techniques to focus our mind on the present moment to cope with stress and emotions, connect with others, and enhance mental wellbeing to increase satisfaction at work and in our personal lives.


  1. Understanding Mindfulness
    • Definition
    • Aim
    • Key components
    • The history of mindfulness
    • How mindfulness works
    • Why develop mindfulness?
  2. Your Circle Of Control and Circle Of Influence
  3. Mindfulness for busy people and self-care strategies
  4. How mindfulness can assist your professional practice
  5. Mindfulness techniques for:
    • Informal mindfulness
    • Formal mindfulness
    • Reducing stress
  6. Dealing with difficult emotions through mindfulness
  7. How can you develop mindfulness? How to practice mindfulness?
  8. The benefits of mindfulness
  9. How do you learn mindfulness?


The duration of the course is 8 hours of online training. As an online course, the course is self-paced to enable you to study at your own pace and at your own time.


Individuals who are seeking to reduce stress, improve communication, relationships and wellbeing at work and everyday life.


The online course consists of the theory with a range of interactive activities that include:

  • Experiential learning activities
  • Individual exercises
  • Questionnaire
  • Reflective practices
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Viewing training videos

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For Organisations

An organisation can offer the online course to their staff, or as a face-to-face program that is tailored to your organisation’s needs and requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.

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  • Better work-life balance and effective time management
  • Reduce stress, improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Improve communication and relationships with colleagues, clients, suppliers, family and friends
  • Enhance work performance achieved through better focus and concentration


Training Testimonials

Alexandra Tsiligiannis
Alexandra Tsiligiannis

Coaching Student

Thank you for being such an engaging, dedicated and caring teacher. You made our weekly studies fun and informative, and I learnt so much. All the best and hope to cross paths again.

Norma Soulis
Norma Soulis

Coaching Trainee

Leah you are an awesome facilitator and a fabulous educator. I feel we all progressed so much over the 12 weeks, not only in knowledge but also in confidence. I wish all ACAP blended delivery classes could be conducted like this because you broke down the content for us and you were available to us to ask any questions we had about the content or our assessments.

Thoroughly enjoyed this unit Leah. Thank you

Gregory Barwell
Gregory Barwell

Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional (Student, School of Counselling, Australian College of Applied Psychology)

Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts in creating a great class!

I enjoyed the topic and appreciated all your efforts – especially the workshop and essay feedback!

Sharon Mitts
Sharon Mitts

Life Coaching student

Thank you so much for teaching us.  It has been an excellent experience for me and has increased my understanding ten-fold.  You are an amazing teacher and I’ve always enjoyed your enthusiasm.

Jodee Clover
Jodee Clover


Thank you for the most amazingly wonderful introduction into the Bachelor of counselling. I enjoyed every class and reflected so in your units feedback.

As I mentioned to you in class, I was in awe of your knowledge.

Kellie King
Kellie King

INTG Health & Wellness, Professional Resilience, Career Counsellor, Psych/ Life Coach

I want to express my appreciation for your brilliant training. I am thrilled with the experience you provided and the level of practical work and theory. Thank you so much, you brought theories to life…All the training that you do has been deeply rewarding.  I’ve grown in unexpected ways not just personally but professionally in each. Your enthusiasm is infectious and highly appreciated.

Rosina Mihajlovi
Rosina Mihajlovi

Class Teacher at Cape Byron Steiner School

Dear Leah, Firstly, thank you for this course which I found excellent and which exceeded all my visions of what it would be like.

Laura Hewson
Laura Hewson

Team Leader, Melbourne Real Estate Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for coming and training us in Conflict Resolution. The team got so much out of it, and still talk about tools they use.

Gina Liu
Gina Liu

Senior Pathway Advisor

Thanks Leah for having provided fantastic training. I did enjoy the course and learnt a lot.

I am interested in continuing my study in this direction so I will think about taking up further study in Graduate Diploma.

James Alexander
James Alexander

Account Manager

Thanks again for your patience and support throughout the duration of the course. I couldn’t have completed without your support and assistance.

Judith Ayre
Judith Ayre

Senior Lecturer & School of Counselling Academic Head

Leah, this is awesome, something to be really proud of. I am so glad you are here but more than that, that you are offering yourself and your expertise to the world. The world is clearly a better place for your presence. Thanks again for everything.

Janette Brien
Janette Brien

Rehabilitation Consultant

I would like to thank you for supporting me through your extensive supply of resources and experience in successfully completing the Foundations in Career Development Practice, CHCSS00005 Career Development Skills Set.

The facilitated delivery included a blend of monthly webinars, on-line resources and relevant workplace assignment tasks that have built my confidence to coach my clients toward achieving their desired goals.

Your feedback of my work was invaluable as it taught me to work smarter, more efficiently, providing me with more effective results and happier clients.

So, thank you very much for all your input over last 7 months!

Jack L. Harris
Jack L. Harris

Prof Emeritus

With Leah’s enthusiastic approach I was motivated to examine much more than the basic requirements of the course. Her depth of knowledge in this arena not only surprised me but empowered me to pursue all aspects of it to ensure I had a really good understanding of what it entailed. Leah had presented the course in a professional yet warm and personal way and which allowed her students to become closely acquainted with the subject. Her passion for helping others is highly evident and via this avenue she is able to encourage others to be the change they want to see in themselves and in the world around them.

Richard Fowler
Richard Fowler

Student, Foundations in Career Development Practice

I have been able to demonstrate many of the elements of the course immediately, and see the results in provoking the right conversations, as well as providing areas of focus that aid in alleviating tensions, and pointing toward solutions. Leah has pitched the course to comprehensively cover pertinent topics with her own flair, in a manner befitting high quality professional development. I would recommend it wherever applicable.


Hospitality and Retail

‘The courses are good. I enjoy studying online in my home. It is easier and preferable to going to university. Staff are supportive, assisting me to succeed.’



‘Leah is a wealth of information and useful in terms of teaching content. It has been vital to how we learn and apply the skills.’

Nikki McCartney
Nikki McCartney

Management Consultant

“I’m blown away! This is fabulous! The Foundations unit I looked at has so many great educational principles built in and all using that digital world so well.”

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