At Career Coaching and Training, we facilitate your learning and growth through active learning.  Active learning engages you in the content and learning process, to transfer your learning to your workplace and personal situations to deepen your knowledge and skill development.

The certification badge certifies us as with expertise in applying active learning techniques throughout our courses.


Leah Shmerling is a Workshop Leader for Small Business Victoria.
Programs that Leah facilitates include:
  • Effective Business Networking: Tips to connect with ease
  • Effective Time Management: How to get more done
  • Staffing (Hiring, and Keeping the Right Staff)

Choose from our range of online short courses that include:

Online training lets you study when it suits you to meet your professional and personal needs.
Each course is workplace relevant that is applied to your work practices,
providing insight and furthering your skills.

Training Testimonials

Just wanted to say a big thanks for another great trimester together. I have learnt so much from conflict resolution and had tremendous growth throughout the subject.  I am very grateful that you were my teacher for this subject as I was able to gain so much knowledge from your expertise. Until next time.

Rebecca Dee, student – Counselling/Coaching

For Organisations

An organisation can offer the online course to their staff, or as a face-to-face program that is tailored to your organisation’s needs and requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.

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