Mentoring and Development Training: Dealing with workplace challenges

Your career journey is the life journey that you take that includes all your jobs, experiences, and education/training.  This then culminates in you developing the unique person that you are.  You change your career seven to ten times throughout your life, and with many jobs in between.  Your career pathways require you to be flexible and take a holistic approach.

Throughout your career, there will be important life events and people that influence and shape who you are.  Subsequently, they shape the decisions that you make.  During your career, there will be moments of self-understanding, and a focus on your needs.  This will then determine what skills and professional development you require to enhance your career.

Your career journey involves:

  • Your professional self
  • How to be an authentic self
  • Identifying what influences on your career decisions
  • Career myths that can make your career decisions redundant
  • The four phases of the career journey
  • Your life purpose and your career
  • Your career orientation:  Do you live to work, or work to live?
  • A holistic approach to career development
  • Plan to succeed — plan your goals
  • Stages of career redundancy and retrenchment
  • Your career development

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The journey to career fulfillment

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.” Golda Meier

What does career fulfilment mean?

‘The fulfilment of a dream; to achieve one’s hopes.’

There are tangible results in one’s career, but fulfilment is a felt sense that our work is ‘on target’ to our talents, goals, values and accomplishments. Career fulfilment is also deeply related to a ‘life of purpose’, the goal and direction that we pursue that is our personal mission.

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Four Career Myths that Limit your Progress

Mentoring and Development Training: Your Career Journey

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