You negotiate on a regular basis throughout your professional life with colleagues, managers, and customers/clients—and in your personal life with family and friends.

However, although negotiation takes place every day, it is not easy to do.

This is especially true when it comes to professional environments. Your business relationships and dealings always have negotiation at their foundation, with communication being the pillar of the building.

If you want great things in life, you have to learn how to ask for them. You have to learn how to communicate with others while not being dominated—or being intimidating—yet expressing your requirements and talking about your expectations.

Make no mistake, successful negotiation is an art that can take you farther in life than most things do.

This course will help you understand the fundamentals of a healthy negotiation and will teach you tactics that you can use to churn conversations into favourable outcomes.

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Six Negotiation Attitudes to Attain Win-Win Outcomes

Negotiation is the active process by which two-or-more parties reach agreement over an issue. It entails back and forth communication to settle differences and to generate options to attain a solution.

There are six different attitudes that you can take in your approach to obtaining a Win-Win Negotiation.  What attitude do you normally take?

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11 Tips to Achieving Excellence

We all like to think that we are beyond the ‘average’ level.  What is average?  It means, being at an ordinary and OK level.  We don’t stand out!  Our work standard is not at excellence and we may not stand out to be recognised.

You achieve excellence when you work hard and achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and making personal sacrifices.  You need to do this whilst maintaining your values.

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The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Future of Jobs Report, the World Economic Forum has listed the skills that individuals require for employment, skills and recruitment across industries and geographies.

Learn the art of negotiating and winning

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  • Gain the necessary skills, strategies and confidence to successfully negotiate lasting solutions at work, or in day-to-day conversations
  • Become a better problem solver by understanding the issue from the other party’s perspective and adapting effective strategies
  • Resolve conflict and disputes with improved communication, listening skills and confidence
  • Build better relationships by finding mutually acceptable solutions to avoid conflicts and problems in the future