People who go out there and achieve greatness in their professional and personal life aren’t born with wings.


Every individual has the ability to go after his/her dreams and achieve them. In most cases, the only thing that stops people from achieving greatness is not extrinsic—it’s the mindset.  Focusing and managing your mind is a skill that can help you be the best version of yourself by removing limitations, improving focus, maintaining discipline, and becoming persistent.


In today’s fast-paced world, where you juggle responsibilities and tasks, a plethora of social and emotional demands are placed on you. These demands can make you act on autopilot, going through the motions as you tackle the challenges life throws at you.  Eventually, the passive stress builds up and impairs your ability to be productive. Confusion sets in, and slowly you lose touch with your inner self and the connection with the present moment.


Mindfulness helps you to come back to the “now,” reduce stress, and improve the clarity of your decisions.  Practising mindfulness can bring positive changes to your health and help foster a positive attitude. Mindfulness practice enables you to stay focused on the present, remain calm with your colleagues, family, and friends to create a relaxed environment, improved job satisfaction, and personal wellbeing.


This course will teach you how to focus on the right things and manage your mind for optimum efficiency. You will learn how to apply mindfulness techniques to bring out the best in you.  The only way to increase satisfaction at work and in your personal lives is to manage your mind and get control.

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Mindfulness Tips

Feeling distracted? 5 Mindfulness Tips

  1. Take some deep breaths
  2. Go for a nature walk
  3. Set your phone alarm to take regular breaks
  4. Avoid multi-tasking
  5. Create a journal to monitor your feelings and what is causing them


List of Mindfulness Apps

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10 Tips to feeling positive

Learn how to focus and manage your mind

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  • Better work-life balance and effective time management
  • Reduce stress, improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Improve communication and relationships with colleagues, clients, suppliers, family and friends
  • Enhance work performance achieved through better focus and concentration