Develop Assertiveness Skills for Work and Life (Professional Development Online Training)

“Assertiveness is not what you do, it’s who you are”!

Shakti Gawain

The way you interact with people determines the strength of your relationships. Your relationships determine your success.

People are social beings, continually requiring and seeking to communicate in the workplace and in their personal lives. However, most of us are not able to put our point across in a positive, confident way when it matters the most. This is what holds us back from developing profitable business networks and foster personal relationships.


Entailing open and honest communication and feeling comfortable doing so, assertiveness is a skill you need to master for successful personal and professional relationships.

Assertiveness rests upon a foundation of:

  1. Respect for oneself and others
  2. Understanding your fundamental rights
  3. Expressing those rights in ways that do not violate the rights of others


Be it a business network or a personal relationship, healthy communication is required in order to achieve harmony. You need to learn how to strike the perfect balance between what you want and what they do.

You need to learn how to deal constructively with uncomfortable situations and difficult people without losing your temper or your self-respect. Assertiveness means knowing your rights and respecting the rights of others—it’s a fine line to walk but we can show you how.


This course will help you to effectively assert your fundamental rights, capture people’s attention and convincingly convey your message and improve how you interact with others positively in any kind of situation.

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The Power of Assertive Behaviour in the Workplace

Assertive behaviour is a balance between being aggressive and submissive. It is expressing your feelings, needs and ideas, and standing up for your legal rights in ways that do not violate the rights of others.

Assertive behaviour respects yourself and values your personal opinions and needs while respecting the rights, values and beliefs of others.

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11 Core personal rights that empower you to attain fulfilment

Many people are not aware of their personal rights or value them. Some people operate with myths that they have been brought up with. Myths that are ingrained into their thinking and behaviour, which may not always be right. These myths prevent you from living your life to your full enjoyment, or from reaching your potential at work.

If you apply these personal rights at work and in your personal life you will have a foundation of positive relationships. This promotes effective communication and assertive behaviour. When you assert your self, you live a life of respect towards your self and others. You will ensure that the rights of others are not violated in the process. This is the basis of assertive behaviour that gives you positive and fulfilling relationships.

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Develop assertiveness skills for work and life

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