Mentoring and Development Training: Dealing with workplace challenges

During your work, there will be problems and workplace challenges for you to address and overcome.  Overcoming these challenges is what separates those that can handle these successfully and are able to learn and grow, from those who are unable to manage or overcome these situations. 

Challenges are a part of our life.  To overcome challenges, it will call on you to analyse the situation, strategise a plan, and apply the skills that include:

  • Time management, Procrastination, Delegation Skills, Work-Life Balance, and Goal Planning for effective results
  • Dealing with conflict constructively, negotiation skills, and forgiveness
  • Managing stress, avoiding burnout, recognising mental health symptoms and work-life balance

To know more about each course, please refer to the course outline by clicking on the course link.

By utilising these skills successfully, it will enable you to work effectively to attain high-level performance, build relationships with others, attain job satisfaction and wellbeing. 

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Challenges in the Workplace & How to Overcome them

No matter what industry you work in, workplace challenges can and will arise. They may come in the form of conflict with co-workers, goals that appear unachievable, or more unpredictable avenues such as the sudden onset of stress or, worse, burnout.

In all these challenging situations, however, you can apply specific skills to overcome them.

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The Importance of Resilience to a Successful Career

In recent years, people have been faced with organisational downsizing, mergers, redundancy, working at a job that does not suit them, or at a lower-paying job than their qualifications and skill set, or personal difficult circumstances and illness.

The ability to bounce back and learn from the experience will help us cope with the ups and downs of our career or personal difficulties, and then move forward.

Research of psychologist, Susan Kobasa, describes three elements that are essential to resilience:

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Mentoring and Development Training: Dealing with workplace challenges

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