Develop your communication skills through online training and you will have a high emotional intelligence that you need for work and life.

Inter-personal communication is face-to-face. You communicate with other people to exchange information, feelings and meaning. You do this through your verbal and non-verbal messages.  Interpersonal communication is not just about what you said – the language you used, but how you said it.  Also the non-verbal messages you send through your tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures and body language.  

In the workplace, if you have strong interpersonal skills you are seen as being positive, calm, confident and real.  Having well developed inter-personal skills means you have a high level of emotional intelligence. This results in qualities that other people will find appealing.

Interpersonal Skills for Life and Work – Communication Skills Training

This training course aims to develop your interpersonal communication skills of listening, empathy, questioning and feedback. This will mean you can effectively communicate both verbally and non-verbally.  It will also result in you developing positive relationships at work and in your personal life.

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How does Self-Marketing create your perfect future?

Communication Skills-Marketing yourself

It is a marketing campaign for you to enable you to demonstrate your unique self.  This results in you effectively communicating to prospective employers your skills and experiences.  Then you will stand out in the marketplace to attract employment or promotion that you want. 

Your successful self-marketing creates a positive image or career identity. This will help you separate yourself from others who may be competing for the same job.  You want to attract an ‘ideal’ employer.

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Feedback is the breakfast of champions

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” says Ken Blanchard… Why don’t you give the gift of feedback?

You have written a good report, however, it omitted visual aids to summarise the data. It may be helpful to include a graph or photograph to capture the content easily.’

Feedback is a gift to let the person know what they are doing well, and where they can improve. When a person deserves constructive feedback and you remain silent, a mistake will be repeated.

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What skills do employers want?

Communication is the number one skill that employers want.  Read more to find out the rest of the What Skills do Employers Want

Mentoring and development Interpersonal Skills for Life and Work (Communication Skills Training)

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