Change and Resilience

Life brings change.  As the adage goes:  ‘The only consistent thing in life is change.  We cannot avoid it, some of us fight it, and a few struggle to accept it.’

Change is inevitable.  It happens all the time, whether you are ready for it or not.  It can be natural and voluntary or imposed upon you through a serious illness, a life-altering accident, a relationship breakup, losing your jobs, and the death of your loved ones.  Becoming more resilient helps you get through difficult circumstances, empowers you to grow and improve your life

Change and adversity affect people differently.  How you adapt and bounce back determines your resilience.  You may feel threatened by change and respond with fear to avoid the change.  Or you may see change as a challenge and creatively look for ways to turn that change into an opportunity.  The way you respond to change is your choice.  Being resilient does not mean that you will not experience difficulty or distress.  The road to resilience is likely to involve considerable emotional distress.

Change can afford you the opportunity and the challenge to review your life to create new scenarios and relationships.  It can involve profound personal growth.  Increasing resilience takes time and intention.  Resilience involves behaviours, thoughts, and actions that you can learn and develop.

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Change and Resilience

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